Our strategy is to understand the candidate’s goal, so we can help the candidate to achieve it through the right path. Register with us and schedule your process. It is our responsibility to guide you in the right direction.

Profile assessment

We do a profile assessment for students before recommending any course or university. We provide a detailed report on the basis of the student’s merit. The report shows the full explanation of courses and universities suitable for the student.

Course & University selection

Assisting our candidates to select a specific course and university on the basis of their requirement and future aspects. This is based on the assessment done for a candidate. We guide them with our knowledge and experience to make the right choice for their future.

Scholarships & Financial aid

We keep our candidates updated for scholarships and relevant information for their best outcome. Our aim is to update our clients with relevant information and assist them with our continuous support. We also guide our students for the financials while preparing to apply for any university

Visa support

We provide full assistance while preparing your profile for visa application and assist you with all relevant information to avoid any error. We also help you for visa interviews preparations. While applying for a visa for you, our well experienced visa team takes no chances with any error.


Pre- Departure Briefing

We guide you before you depart for international studies to achieve your goal.Our director Shivam Chaudhary shares his personal experience with you as a International student and guides you with DO’s and Don’ts before you travel to your international destination.

We are happy to assist you with our International experience and knowledge. You and your family can contact us for further assistance, while you are in an international destination.